Jurrian van der Vaart

Born in Alpen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands on December 22nd, 1985. Soon, we moved to Almelo, where I grew up with my two siblings Annemarijne and Leander. I played tennis, soccer and golf at a young age, and finally stuck with golf after my 12th birthday. Throughout my teens I dedicated myself to both school and golf, and continued to do so when I started college in the US at Virginia Tech in 2005.

At Virginia Tech I studied Environmental Science and competed on the golf team till 2008, after which I turned professional.

Currently I am active on both the European Tour and the European Challenge Tour, looking to claim my spot at the highest level.

Besides golf I am still active in the environmental field, with focus on habitat development and architecture. I also offer workshops and clinics about course management and performance coaching on occasion to club teams in the Netherlands.

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 Ruik ik naar:⠀ ⛳ gemaaid gras?⠀ ⛱ zonnebrand?⠀  zweetsokken?⠀ ✈ vliegtuig?⠀ ⠀ Nee, dankzij @yvra_1958 ruik ik na mijn ronde schoon en stoer... Gebruik code JURRIAN20 voor een mooie korting in de webshop! ⠀ ⠀ Link in bio!  Dat lange haar is mooi enzo, maar heb al 4 shanks geslagen door lokken in mn ogen... op naar de kapper ✂️✂️✂️  On my way home after a good 14 days of practice and play.. ⠀ Being able to work @montereiresort with my coach @indervw for a few days before teeing it up @eccotour for two events was a great way to work on my game. ⠀ Lots of coffee, early days, and hard work means happy me!   Exchanging social media for the gym and range has been really good so far, another two weeks of #silentjanuary
 Bye bye goldielocks ✂️✂️✂️  Good session testing my new SM7 @vokeywedges from @titleist ... quality numbers of spin and launch with @trackmangolf  Lots of work on the basics... neutral take-away, tighter follow-thru in the 100-150 yard range... I sincerely love the winter time for personal improvements! Some  and  from today’s 6-iron and driver swings @chervo.official keeps me warm when practicing outside, @titleist does the rest!  Van der Vaart brothers DIY weekend... it has to be 0.0% off ( or % perfect)

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