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 Ben na 1 kop koffie al verbrand ⛳️#smerenkunjeleren 5 dagen warming up voor het eerste toernooi, het Barclays Kenya Open! #inseason  Als goede vriend @prinsjesje aanmoedigen bij het Beach Tennis... en ondertussen schetsen maken  Plop  That Chipotle burrito may have missed the spot... feeling terrible in the gym this afternoon 🤢🤢🤢
 Crushing the whites and blues today, thanks to @chervo.sports for the new 2017 apparel and @footjoyeurope for the new Pro S/L shoes  On my way back to the Netherlands, it's been a nice couple of days to work on my game in quiet.. On to a fun season!  Long days make for good pictures! Couple more rounds as preparation for the start of the 2017 season in Kenia!  Working on tee shot placement for tomorrow #decadesystem