Jurrian van der Vaart

Born in Alpen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands on December 22nd, 1985. Soon, we moved to Almelo, where I grew up with my two siblings Annemarijne and Leander. I played tennis, soccer and golf at a young age, and finally stuck with golf after my 12th birthday. Throughout my teens I dedicated myself to both school and golf, and continued to do so when I started college in the US at Virginia Tech in 2005.

At Virginia Tech I studied Environmental Science and competed on the golf team till 2008, after which I turned professional.

Currently I am active on both the European Tour and the European Challenge Tour, looking to claim my spot at the highest level.

Besides golf I am still active in the environmental field, with focus on habitat development and architecture. I also offer workshops and clinics about course management and performance coaching on occasion to club teams in the Netherlands.

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 O hey, good morning 🇰🇿#jetlagbegone @propeaq  Big Ben picking the restaurant for tonight, been thinking about curries all round!   The movement in the bunkers on the left is pretty, esp compared to the shape on the right  Hit the lay-up on my last hole this morning in a terrible spot, saved par with an outstanding putt to (probably) make the cut... 73-72 for +1, happy with the grind!
 Well deserved after a long but good week. Game trending in the right direction, couple of travel days to get to Kazakhstan, let's keep it going! ⛳️✈️✈️🇰🇿  Oh hey, Sunday morning breakkie  Been a long day, and stretch of tournaments... body finally tired; one more round tomorrow before recovery #headup  Good to be in an affordable city after 4 weeks in Scandinavia... cheap food, good weather, great place!

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