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 Good dag of active recovery: 1. ‍♂️ Haircut /. 2.  Gym session to strengthen glutes / 3.  Pulse check with coach @indervw at @golfdlv / 4.  Mineral bath for muscles  Good morning of AutoCad work for an exciting project with Frank Pont at the Twentsche Golfclub, almost ready to show our first ideas to the @twentschegolfclub #sneakpeak #golfcoursedesign  Range setup   Hope everybody had a great Kings Day in the Netherlands!
 Great day of practice today; ⛳️ played 18-hole match with @wilbesseling , short game matches, and some technical work on 🤛wrist angles... every day should be this good!  BBQ game is on point   Trouble starting your putts on line? Check your lie angle when set up to the ball... this drill is quick, cheap and easy! I use a large coin under the toe end of the putter, making sure the putter touches it when I set up... tendency is (mostly) to lower the hands and lift the toe up, causing poor impact; putter should be flat on the ground! (Touching both coins is perfect! !) #weekendtip #golfpro #golftip #2euro #puttinginthework  Final workout of the week done, ready for a good last round! Shot 70,69,69 so far, game is feeling solid and better everyday! #TAChallenge