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About Jurrian:

I was born in Alpen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands on December 22nd, 1985. Soon, we moved to Almelo, where I grew up with my two siblings Annemarijne and Leander. I played tennis, soccer and golf at a young age, and finally stuck with golf after my 12th birthday. Throughout my teens I dedicated myself to both school and golf, and continued to do so when I started college in the US at Virginia Tech in 2005.

At Virginia Tech I studied Environmental Science and competed on the golf team till 2008, when I had my best year with a top-10 finish at the NCAA National Championship. I continued to play as an amateur in 2008 and 2009, representing the Netherlands at amateur events throughout the world, and turned professional at the start of 2010.

I signed with Golf Team Holland and it got me started on the right path. After one year on the Germany based EPD Tour I earned playing rights on the European Challenge Tour for 2011 and 2012. In the spring of 2013 I decided to go back to where I played as an amateur; the United States. I found a home at the eGolf Professional Tour, from where I am working my way up to the PGA Tour. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned, and I moved back to the Netherlands in early 2015.

For the next three years I will be playing my way to the European Tour, with the Alps Tour as my first stop. Check out http://www.alpstourgolf.com for more information on my results!

Besides golf I am still active in the environmental field, with focus on habitat development and architecture. I also offer workshops and clinics about course management and performance coaching on occasion to club teams in the Netherlands.